San Marzano is the runner up!

5 Section Tomatoes
5 Section Tomatoe

This is the best one I have found to display 5 flower petals or calyx more often than 6, as 5 is usual and 6 is unusual.

I read on a web page that it is bi-sectioned or has two seed pods. If this is consistent, then this is the tomato to cultivate, ensuring the release of electrons (exothermic) in  the chemical reation of HCL in your stomachs.

The pattern of 5 and 10 is the pattern of energy, thus 2 seed pods with 5 green sepals and 5 flower petals, 2 times 5 equals 10. We have two lobes in our brains connected by the corpus collosum. We have 5 lobes 5 suspensatory ligaments with 5 sets of vessels in our livers, the end organ of digestion.

If there are 6 sepals it will have 3 seed pods. Avoid this for energy gain purposes.

There are also companies specializing in the sales of San Marzano tomato products.



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Bi-Sectioned with 5 sepal tomatoes. For an immediate electrical chemical increase of energy, eat  only the  Bi-sectioned ones. The Tri-sectioned have six sepals, as those with 5 sepals are only Bi-sectioned. Two x Five equals Ten. Yod is the original nascent letter in Hebrew and equals and represents the number 10. In Hebrew 5 represents Life and the letter "He" pronounced "hay" or "huh". In nature those fruits displaying the numbers of the Name of their Creator (Yod-He prounounced "Yah") give this extra life force boost of electrical energy, while those that do not, absorb electrical energy and are endo thermic-(decrease temp.) while those with 10 and 5 are exo thermic-(increase temp.) The exo-thermic chemical reaction releases electrons, diffusing in the surrounding environment of the body, giving a sensation of warmth and increased mental activity, while the endo-thermic absorb electrons from the surrounding environment of your body, possibly breaking down the available ATP as the final end result and provider of the immediate effect of the draft absorbing electrons from your body's immediate surrounding chemistry, sometimes giving you a chilling effect as arsenic and other poisons.